"I never understood why you tried so hard to fit in, when you were obviously meant to stand out- Tonya Hurley

not all men
would stumble across a deadened street
calling out, asking for their “lady” as i struggle
in my new heels to reach my front door before he touches me.

not all men
would be angered by my chilly temperament
and stop me on the street to tell me to smile
“for him,” as if my mouth belongs to him and not to myself
as if i have no right to breathe his air unless i offer
my lips and teeth as art. as if that is all i am good for.

not all men
would see me at age thirteen, walking the sidewalk
in the muggy summer air, skirt brushing the middle
of my thighs and honk their horn, even as i continue
towards a middle school’s open house.

not all men
would touch me when i do not want to be touched.
not all men
would force me to my knees when i didn’t listen.
not all men
would follow me home with their car because i looked “ready.”

not all men
but some men
and some
is enough. —r.k. “not all men” (via clairerandall)

핑크색 카시오



"why are you doing this? why?"
"we are groot"


tech savvy teen wolves // marrish 
(inspired by)

Sometimes I just wish I could be one of those people that can take a random selfie and look flawless all the time


Do you ever see one of your tumblr friend’s post and it has loads of notes and you’re just like “That’s it, that is my friend. I know them. Me, yes me i know them” 



because i didn’t forward that chain email letter in 2004

"Coffee & Braids: both are clearly necessary for my existance." JM.

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